Door Manufacturers Offer a Variety of Door Options

Doors are available in a variety material options: wood, MDF and molded composite materials, as well as plywood and foam. Foam interior door have a bit more substance, sound resistance, and strength than doors made from MDF. Molded composite materials often contain a mixture of fiberglass and other material. They are typically very durable and offer good noise reduction.

MDF Doors

MDF is used to make doors that look similar to panel and painted frames by door manufacturers. These doors are a great option for homeowners with tight budgets who want the beauty and warmth of wood without having to pay a premium for solid hardwood.

There are a few solid-core doors that can be made to look like painted doors. These doors are usually made from MDF or another engineered wooden, but they can also come in solid slabs of MDF

Hollow Core Doors

If you’re shopping for a fire-rated door, it may be wise to consider a hollow core. These interior  door manufacturer are basically a combination between a paperboard or plastic core and a wooden shell. These interior doors are fire-resistant and are very common in new homes.

They can be made in any style or size to match any home’s architectural aesthetic. They are also easy-to-install, making them a practical solution for homeowners.

Hollow core doors have a nominally wood shell, but they’re actually made of corrugated cardboard stiffeners that are bonded to fiberboard on the outside. These doors are often used on the inside of a building.

JELDWEN(r), Authentic Wood Exterior Doors

The JELDWEN(r), artisan wood exterior doors, brings a warm and natural look to your home. They have a dense engineered wooden core that is surrounded by premium veneers. This ensures long-lasting performance. They are available in a variety wood species and styles to match any home decor.

Doors with Solid Core

A more affordable alternative to a solid wood door, solid core doors are often made from an engineered wood core with a veneer over the top. These doors are often painted to provide a similar appearance, but they can also be stained or finished to match the color of the wood.

These doors are commonly mounted into either a hollow metal frame or formed aluminum frame, together forming a fire-rated assembly. They typically have a 60 minutes fire rating.

You can also install fire-rated doors with electrified magnetic locks, magnet locks, and other types of security hardware. These doors are typically equipped with electrified locks that include concealed vertical rods and surface rods. They can also attach to formed aluminum frames.

Interior doors are also a popular option for the home, as they can be designed to fit any architectural style and complement any decor. They are an excellent choice for traditional, transitional, modern and industrial buildings.

They can be hung by pivots or hinges. They can withstand heavy traffic and are very strong.

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