Elder Care Consultant Lucas Advisors announces expansion of its planning services to include long-term care counseling

One of the leading senior advisory services, Lucas Advisors, has announced that it will expand its planning services to primarily include long-term care counseling.

Lucas Advisors announced that it is expanding its senior care consulting services to include long-term care consulting. As one of the cities leading age consultants for seniors, Lucas Advisors is in the best position to provide advice and support to people who need it most. The company regularly works with seniors and their families to select the right senior care system for an aging parent or guardian. Lucas Advisors has built a reputation over the years for being very methodical and offering a workable solution for every scenario.

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One of the first steps in planning a senior’s future is to clarify their wants and needs. Once the wants and needs are understood, an advisor like Lucas Advisors can put each piece of the puzzle together. Things can include financial budgeting, medical, personal administration, estate and other factors that can be compiled into a work plan. When the plan is finalized there is a document outlining everything that should be done based on the client’s preferences and considering several most likely scenarios, highlighting any remaining decisions to be made by the family.

Planning for a senior’s future is an often emotional and stressful process that many people want to avoid. Even seniors themselves have a problem with planning their future impartially. That’s why it’s so important that families enlist the help of professionals like Lucas Advisors. Professionals have years of experience planning elder care, which puts them in the best position to create a workable plan.

Readers can learn more about Lucas Advisors’ expansion into long-term care counseling by visiting the service’s official website at https://lucasadvisor.com/planning-services.

“Planning for a high-ranking family member or family members can be challenging, to say the least. Developing a long-term plan that works for all parties can get even more difficult. Since everyone’s circumstances are different, a so-called one-size-fits-all approach will not work. In fact, it’s one of the biggest mistakes people can make, because what might work for one family won’t work for another. That’s why it’s so important that families open up about their goals and what they want to achieve for their older family members when they counsel with us. We then use this information to create a workable plan that is ideally a win-win for everyone.” Said one of Lucas Advisors executives.

He added, “We have been working with families from all over the country for a very long time. Our solutions are straightforward and based on the contributions of all family members. That’s why we’re the service of choice for so many people who want a long-term plan and place to ensure the older members of their family thrive in their remaining years.”

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About Lucas Advisors

Luke’s advisor is a senior care consultancy led by Luke Daniels as Senior Care Consultant. The company aims to help people through the often delicate and complex process of planning for their old age. The passionate team guides people and prepares them to lead independent and comfortable lives. The company has been taking care of people since 2004 with Luke at the helm of the company. Luke is also involved in providing support to seniors and is part of the Charleston community.


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