GCI Turf Services – Even Mix Case Study

GCI Turf Services is a lawn care company that provides fertilizer, weed control, and property maintenance. GCI Turf Type Tall Feescue blend (TTTF), is their standard seed for all mowing jobs and overseeding. The blend includes a combination of three fescue species, including Blacktail, Falcon, Thor and Falcon.

Even Mix has built a strong reputation with its clients as a name to trust. Mix is well-known for providing crucial information to customers so they can make the best decisions when working together. For example, it has just released a case study on the use of its IBC Tank Mixer.

Business owners know that introducing new products is a daunting task. A company cannot afford every feature that is available on the market if it has limited resources or a tight budget. Businesses can make data-driven decisions about product offerings by using a TURF analysis or other consumer research methods. This results in a more complete product design, which will attract more customers and maximize revenues. TURF analysis also gives companies more options than what they might have thought with a simple survey. This is especially important for companies looking to launch new products or services. A TURF analysis results can be used to inform marketing campaigns as well as other business decisions.

When searching for a lawn-care company, you want someone who takes their job seriously. If a lawn care company is serious about their work, they will treat you with respect and answer all of your questions. They should also be able to provide you with useful information about the care of your lawn and soil.

A visit to the site involves reviewing the soil test results and recommending fertilizer and lime application based on the nutrient levels and pH of the soil. The homeowner or lawn coach is then presented with this information. The visit also includes a demonstration of specific natural lawn care practices that are recommended to reduce pollutants in the environment and improve water quality. Two workshops were provided to support learning, and behavior change. Summer/fall activities took two hours and summer activities took one hour. During the demonstration workshop, the lawn coach shows the homeowner how to operate equipment and explains the best practices.

GCI Turf Services, Greensboro, NC has grown from a single service to a full-service lawn and fertilizer company. Pete Denny, owner, shares his experience with the Ventrac Even Mix system. He explained that a healthy, dense, competitive turf combined with the correct cultural practices is the best way to control weeds. He also discusses what it means to be able to determine the proper timing for application and which weedicide you should use. This will ensure that you do not apply herbicide too often or choose an ineffective herbicide.

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