Landscape Design Ideas For Your Backyard

Landscape Design is more than planting flowers and trees. It is a process of organizing plant materials and hardscape elements to create a harmonious composition. Design principles such as proportion, order, repetition, unity, balance, form, texture, and color are used to achieve this goal.

Begin by identifying existing plants on the property. This information will help determine how and where you wish to use the yard.


A deck builders Auckland is a raised outdoor structure that offers a view and additional living space. It may be attached to the house or freestanding.

The landscaping around a deck requires some special considerations. The space needs to blend in with the surrounding landscape and be designed to accommodate a variety of activities, such as dining, entertaining, playing games and relaxing.

Plantings that need little maintenance are an ideal choice for this area because they require less frequent watering and trimming. Also, hedging provides a nice look and offers privacy while minimizing the need to trim.

Using landscape design software is an important tool to help illustrate the overall vision for your landscape. It helps to accurately convey a design to contractors and ensures that all parties understand the scope of work required. It is a much more effective approach than sketching designs by hand. A good program can also save a great deal of time.


Patios are generally built on grade, or right on the ground, and can connect more naturally to the landscape than decks. They can also be designed for specific purposes, such as dining or entertaining.

Like all outdoor spaces, patios benefit from plants to make them feel inviting. They can also be unified with the overall landscape using design themes or styles that create a consistent character throughout the landscape. These may include color, form (geometric or naturalistic), and dominance and interconnection.

This landscape design software is free to download and uses a wizard to walk the user through the basics of how to use it. It has a library of items to add, including plants and furniture, and it allows users to view their design as if it were in the actual landscape, which helps convey ideas better than a simple diagram. A commercial version is available for professionals who want more sophisticated tools. It’s best used by homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.


One of the most popular ways to add a splash of luxury to any backyard is with a pool. Pools make a great place for the whole family to cool off and relax in the sun, especially on those warm summer nights. They also look striking and elegant, and can be a great focal point in any landscape design.

The color of your pool can greatly affect the overall feel and style of your poolscape. Shades of blue are common, as they stand out well against the green shades of grass and other plant life.

For a more natural look, ponds and waterfalls are often included in landscape designs for pools. These can be a great accent for the pool area and can provide a beautiful sound as water trickles down the rocks.

It’s important to hire one contractor who can complete both the landscape and pool design, as it can save time and money in the long run. Having “too many cooks in the kitchen” can cause confusion and slow down the process.

Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen takes your landscape and entertaining up a notch, providing a space for dining, cooking and fun through the spring, summer and fall. Homeowners are finding that adding this type of kitchen adds significant value to their home.

To make an outdoor kitchen work you need defined task areas for food storage, preparation, cooking, plating and cleanup. A large part of this planning involves assessing your plumbing and electrical needs, which is why it is important to use a firm with experience in these types of projects as well.

This U-shaped outdoor kitchen from New Eco Landscape Design features a pizza oven on one side and Coyote grill on the other, with counters, power burner, refrigerator, sink and double drawers in between. Distinctive reclaimed wood slats and light toned concrete pavers create a warm and inviting space.

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