The Benefits of Epoxy Tubing

Epoxy Tubing is a valuable material that provides protection and insulation for many different applications and industries. This versatile material has many benefits including increased performance, longer life expectancy, and lower cost. You can also customize it to meet your specific application needs.

What is Epoxy Tubing, Filament wound epoxy tubes are a type or fiberglass reinforcements. They are made by winding a number of glass fibers around the mandrel in order to create a lightweight composite that has high tensile strength, compressive strength, and flexural strenght. This material is used in a wide range of applications including aerospace components and medical devices.

These tubes are able to be manufactured into unique shapes and sizes. They are durable and can be used in harsh environments.

These tubes have fiberglass reinforcements made from epoxy resin. Epoxy resin offers many benefits, such as corrosion resistance, high tensile or compressive strength, and a wide array of electrical properties. Special curing agents are used for curing the materials. This creates a durable product that can then be used in many industries.

Insulation is an important part of the product design process. It can prevent leaks from short circuits. It is important to choose the right kind of insulation for each application, as it can help reduce the risk of fire or explosions.

There are many factors to be considered when selecting the right insulation. These factors will determine which material is most suitable for a particular application and how it will perform over the long-term.

Aerospace Components

This material is a popular choice for aerospace applications such as landing gear and fuselage frames. It is also used for parts in the automotive industry, such as suspension components or exhaust systems. This material is capable of being molded into components that resist heat, corrosion, and can be used in a variety industries.

Medical Devices

The biocompatibility and corrosion resistance of this material makes it an excellent choice for a variety of medical applications, including catheters, prosthetic implants, and stents. This material is also suitable for industrial applications such as composite pressure vessels and hybrid pipes.


This filament wound tube is made by winding fiberglass yarns around a mandrel in the form of a spiral. It is extremely light and flexible. This material, also known FWET, can be fabricated in many different shapes.

FILAMENTWOUND ETUBING is a type fiberglass reinforced with an epoxy core. Insulated fiberglass tubes are then created by curing agents. They are extremely strong yet resilient.

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