Variable Speed Mixing Totes

Tote mixers are designed to agitate, mix and homogenize fluids in Tote Tanks and Intermediate Bulk Containers. They are available in a variety of styles to fit many different types of tote. Both manual and automated applications can be performed with these mixers. Mixer speeds can range from 0-30 RPM.

Tote agitators can be powered by a variety of motors including electric motors and pneumatic or air-powered models. Choosing the right mixer for your application will depend on how aggressively and efficiently you want to mix, as well as your budget. Low speed mixers minimize the risk of product contamination and provide Low and High Speed Tote Mixing across the entire IBC tote. High speed mixers may cause shearing of your fluid, and can also pull unwanted air and air-bubbles into the mixture.

The pneumatic IBC mixers use a blending air process that is highly efficient. This allows them to quickly blend high viscosity materials and fluids in an IBC tank. This is achieved using compressed air and gas pulses through a stainless steel probe mounted on the IBC tank lid bung. This rapid vertical “bottom-up” air mixing process mixes and stirs the IBC tote tanks contents in minutes at any liquid level.

These mixers are ideally suited for Schutz style IBC tanks, which feature a 6″ screw top cap opening on the top. They also work with most other IBC tote tanks.

An electric IBC tote mixer is a more cost effective option for larger volume mixing applications. It has a 1-HP TEFC fan-cooled electric motor which plugs straight into an outlet. The electric model has a variable-speed controller that can be set to 3 different speeds. The mixer has a stainless steel shaft, 316 SS welded wetted parts and 2 5″ folding agitator impellers with set screws.

The addition of an IBC tote blanket heater can speed up the temperature rise for the liquid. By mixing the liquids and heating them at the same time, you can further reduce the heating process. The heat is then spread across the entire surface of the tank contents.

Tote agitators can be used to mix water or fluids that are similar in nature. IBC-tote agitators can be used with double and triple impellers for thicker, more corrosive or thicker fluids. These mixers require more maintenance, as the extra blades will erode over time from contact with your product’s harsh chemicals or solvents. IBC tote mixers can also be equipped a forklift pocket, or forklift channels for repositioning during handling and dumping. These options are a great way to maximize your mixer’s usable life. Our team will be happy give you advice about the best mixer for your specific needs. We offer a full line of IBC-tote mixers by Even Mix, Flowserve and Schuetz. Contact us to request a quote.

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